Essays published in Dappled Things receive a payment of $100. In addition, all pieces submitted to our nonfiction section will automatically be considered for our yearly Jacques Maritain Prize for Nonfiction. The three prize winners will be selected by an independent judge from among all the nonfiction pieces published in the magazine during the previous year. The prize winner will be announced in March 2023, with winners being selected from among the preceding four issues of the journal.

The prize amounts are as follows:

First prize: $500

Second prize: $300

Third prize: $200

All text submissions should use 12-point Times New Roman font. Writers should only use one space after periods and other forms of punctuation.

  We are not interested in work that uses an overly academic tone. Avoid jargon and send us work that will be of interest to the well-informed non-specialist. Instead of including a list of works cited, include any citations in journalistic style, as a part of the piece itself. We are open to a wide range of topics and  approaches; take a look through past editions of the journal to see what sort of nonfiction we publish. You may use this category for submitting essays, memoirs, interviews, and other nonfiction articles, but please submit book reviews through the category specifically designated for them. Note that neither interviews nor book reviews are eligible for the Jacques Maritain Prize.

  Please send only one non-fiction piece at a time and wait for a response before making a new submission.

  Please include a byline in your cover letter that we can use in our contributor notes if your piece is selected for publication.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.